Lindsay Lohan wants Gerard Butler as her $ick!

Celebrity VIP Lounge said it best. Look at the post below and tell me how many Martinis you think Lindsay Lohan had before she took that picture.

Lindsay Lohan wants Gerard Butler as her co-star in the Lifetime movie “Liz and Dick”. Now that Freckles has officially landed a role that could change her career for the better, she is speaking out on who she thinks could be the Dick (Richard Burton) for her Liz character…and that someone is fellow greaseball and rehab buddy Gerard Butler.

Freckles said, “He actually does remind me of [Burton] a lot. I don’t know if he would do that.”

Well these two obviously have a history that could help them play lovers in this film. It was back in 2009 that they were spotted getting jiggy on a dance floor in Morocco AND they were supposedly flirting heavily at a party in Beverly Hills last year.

I’m not so sure putting together two hot messes in the same flick is a good idea. Can you imagine? If I were on that set, I’d be wearing a full-fledged body suit, mask and space boots…the entire ensemble…you know the ones that the CDC wears to handle an HIV virus.

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