Vinny Curry #Rookie Philadelphia Eagles defensive end “Doesn’t Need a Holiday to Remember His Mom’s Love”

Vinny Curry is truly cut from a different cloth. This Big Ole Teddy Bear will soon be able to display his Mountain Lion skills on the field that I’m willing “to bet 5 Martini’s” will lead the Eagles all the way to the Super Bowl! I tell my boys everyday is mother’s day and guess what? Vinny Curry is definitely on the same page. According to our friends at the Daily News : see below

It’s Mother’s Day each time Eagles rookie defensive end Vinny Curry plants his right hand in the ground.

Tattooed on the right forearm of Curry, the second-round pick out of Marshall, is the image of Linda “Cissy” Jackson, his biological mother, who passed away last October.

“She was a strong lady,” Curry said. “Very independent. Very, very independent. One of the strongest people I knew. Even though she was fighting that cancer, she was still trying to do normal things. Even carrying that tube around, she would carry that tube around everywhere to pay her bills and everything. She was a very strong lady.”

Jackson died from liver cancer. The tube Curry spoke of was used in her treatment. Her selfless routine never will be forgotten. There were moments Curry wished his late mother had taken care of herself before she made sure he and his brother Thomas were fed. It was tough. Tough, just like this Mother’s Day.

“It’s a special day,” Curry said. “This is the first one without her. Everything will get better. Everything will get better.”

Difficult as it is to measure progress at a rookie camp, Curry seems to be getting better on the field. He is quicker than he imagined. If nothing else, this camp gives him the first baseline of what it will take to keep pushing on to the next level.

“My 100 miles an hour from the college level has to be 200 miles an hour here,” the 6-3, 266-pound Curry said. “I’m having some fun. Usually I’m more energetic, hyper. But right now I’m just trying to learn everything. I don’t want to jump the gun yet. Basically I’m just really trying to prove myself. This is a different speed. So my 100 miles an hour, I just need to get into a little bit better shape.

“I’ve just got to keep pushing.”

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