Metro Fuxon Restaurant ….its a Rare Find on Piedmont Rd

I was pleasantly surprised as I stepped into this establishment of where I used to frequent often. Take a look at the pics and the upgrades. Most important remember the bar where we can have our most memorable Martini Moments.


The New Outside. If this looks familiar it’s because it’s on Piedmont across the street from Publix and the post office. Linden and Piedmont.

Check out the New Booths

Let’s go to the front near the bar

Want a closer look?

Ok now back to the back of the room. There’s a projection wall for Viewing Parties and a Stage.

The stage

And more seating Another TV Room #Don’t Judge Them (no one knew I was going to show up taking pictures) Focus on the TV screen and the potential of the room size.

The Patio is the Best Part.  I remember sitting on this patio and doing my homework many nights.

The gate opens up (well it used to) I forgot to ask about that and this place just makes for a great Venue, Wrap Party, Bday Party, Anniversary Party, Viewing Party…It’s awesome!

Valet parking

I think I left out a set of tables in the back room

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