Ray J the R & B Sex Symbol, Hustler/Businessman Landed a Role On Rickey Smiley’s New TV Sitcom

Hey ladies! Samantha here and I pretty much had to take over the site today to report that according to Rickey Smiley and the Humor Mill stating on his talk show that “Ray J” has landed a role (maybe a re-occuring one on his new TV Sitcom set to air on TV One October 14th. I knew all my ladies would be happy to see Ray J and all that sexyness of his Back on the Big Screen. Can we see some Back too Ray J. I mean I’m having my own Martini Moment right now thinking about what a sex symbol Ray J has become. I caught him chillin back on the set being a REAL BOSS! I am loving Ray J on his BOSS Business as Usual . I had to have 5 Martinis when I walked past Ray J’s (Fine Be-Hine)

check out what our friends at Humor Mill had to say:

It was recently revealed by Rickey Smiley some of the details of his new sitcom titled The Rickey Smiley Show that is going to air on TV One this fall. First, we hear that there will be some great guests who will be walk-ons on the show. We hear that Ray-J, Kenya Moore, Keri Hilson, Jay Anthony Brown, and LisaRayelead an all star surprise guest line up that makes the show look very appealing.

According to reports, it seems that Ray J is even looking at a recurring role as Rickey Smiley’s best friend, while Kenya Moore will appear as a wife of one of the main characters, just not sure who yet.

As we already reported, The Rickey Smiley sitcom show is loosely based on his current morning show The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.

Check out what we saw posted on the internet about the show;

Roz Ryan
Character: Aunt Sylvia
Description: Rickey Smiley’s TV aunt who helps raise his kids with him.

J. Anthony Brown
Character: Maurice
Description: The General Manager of the Atlanta radio station Rickey Smiley works at.

Ray J
Character: Kenny
Description: The Producer of television version of “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show,” and Rickey’s protege.

Noree Victoria
Character: Simone
Description: Rickey Smiley’s manager.

Lil’ JJ
Character: Brandon
Description: The eldest of Rickey Smiley’s three TV children.

Ajiona Alexus
Character: De’Anna
Description: The only daughter and the middle of Rickey Smiley’s TV children.

Gabriel Burgess
Character: Aaron
Description: The youngest of Rickey Smiley’s TV children

Make sure you tune in to The Rickey Smiley Show as it makes its debut on TV One Sunday, October 14th.

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