Big Boi (OutKast), Cynthia Bailey (RHOA), Future, Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson(She Rachettttt), Nicole Lyons(Nascar), and v103’s Ramona Debreaux attend #SeanJohn 2012 Fashion Show at Macy’s #Lenox-Mall (Atlanta,GA)

Nicole Lyons (Nascar Race Car Driver and Nasim Your Host)

If it were not 103 degrees I would have definitely been able to recall several Martini Moments yesterday as I attended the 2012 Sean John fashion show hosted by Ryan Cameron of v103 and Cynthia Bailey. The Bailey agency did a great job of casting for this event (even though I didn’t walk the stage). I don’t think they are ready for Nasim Your Host! I will keep it in the streets until they call me back 😉 Check out the great pics we were able to get.Big Boi from Outkast spotted “Sweating it out” at the Fashion Show #SeanJohn 2012 

Phillip Hudson and  recording artist “Future”

Ramona Debreau, Nasim Your Host and Buckhead Bottle Bar Owner Marsha Guobadia

Phillip and Emmanuel Hudson loves the Kids and Sean John

Phillip and Emmanuel Hudson and Cynthia Bailey

Very Handsome Model

More Handsome Models

and More Handsome Models

Ramona Debreaux speaking to a real Boss. DAVE  (Marketing Team- Nicoly Lyons) and more

Jonell PR, Nicole Lyons and Courtney (Branding Manager) – Brand Extraordinaire

Nicole Lyons and Ryan Cameron


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