SMILEY and Veteran TV producer/director ROGER BOBB have teamed up to Create “THE RICKEY SMILEY SHOW” for TV

Rickey Smiley Signs a New Deal with Radio One. This is definitely news that causes for a 3 drink minimum celebration. We need to find out the story behind this Maritini Moment! How many Martinis to you think Rickey Smiley needed when he got this news?  Check out the details as reported by All Access Music

THE RICKEY SMILEY MORNING SHOW has signed a brand new deal with RADIO ONE, and simultaneously announced big TV news, being picked up by FOX TV’s DISH NATION and partnering with TV ONE to develop a new sitcom for the network.

SMILEY and veteran TV producer/director ROGER BOBB have teamed up to create, THE RICKEY SMILEY SHOW, currently in production in ATLANTA. It will debut this FALL on TV ONE as a weekly sitcom.

RADIO ONE CEO and TV ONE Chairman ALFRED LIGGINS remarked, “RADIO ONE and TV ONE are huge believers in investing in quality content. RICKEY SMILEY represents a significant multi-media talent and our enhanced backing and long-term investment in his brand represents a commitment we believe is core to our companies’ future strategy. RICKEY SMILEY is not only a current star, but he is one of the fastest growing entertainment brands in any media today.”

SYNDICATION ONE Pres. GARY BERNSTEIN added, “When you combine RICKEY’s hugely successful radio brand with these two massive TV properties, it is going to be truly groundbreaking tracking the growth when millions of new fans catch on to RICKEY.”

Congrats to Roger Bobb and Rickey Smiley! I will definitely drink to that!

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