Label Executive Mickey “MeMpHiTz” Wright Denies Beating K.Michelle

R&B Singer K. Michelle

I must admit when I first saw the tears rolling down this chick’s face on Love and Hip Hop as she told the story about my homie I had the pleasure of meeting, I knew something didn’t seem quite right. You know what they say “There are 3 sides to every story”. I will bet somebody 3 Martinis that MeMpHiTz never laid hands on a female his entire life.. I know the character of a Real Man when he approaches me and I definitely would be caught off guard on my personal judgement if there is any truth to these crazy allegations. Seems like another case of the Bitter Ex. Can we get a reality TV show called “Bitter Ex’s” oops! I forget we already have BBW-Miami and LA. Who will drink to that one with me? Check out what the homey “MeMpHiTz” said according to our friends over at “The Hip Hop Blog”

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