Nas Your Host Has to Admit it’s Been a Very Long Week – A Look Back at June (Waiter!!!! 2 Martini’s Please!

It started hmmmm let’s see..Maybe I should just let the photos speak for themselves. All I know is this guy right here has done a LOT of Fact finding, Networking and meeting some Amazing people this week. Actually the entire month of June!

Yep! This is where it started. The WNBA Game! I never seen so many women as tall as and Taller than me!

Even though Real Men Cook! Real Men also know how to spot pretty Women . Ran into Momma Pain! (T-Pain’s mom) She’s was very sweet! An amazing woman

I met a cast member of “Amateur Millionaire’s Club” Stormy Wellington “Got A Sneak Peek” of her new Book and I guess Ms Jamie found me sort of irresistible ( I can see that)

I met one of the hardest working women in the film industry. Executive assistant to Mr Roger Bobb (Darcel Armstrong) This woman must never sleep the way Bobbcat Films is pumping out shows!

I got a chance to interview Hollywood actress Mari Morrow. Thanks to my publicist/agent/BOSSLADY Jonell PR… She’s incredible.

An amazing Makeup Artist “Seekie Simon” straight out of New Orleans. Check out her work on some of the celebs in the Hip Hop Documentary.

Kimberly Stone with Poshs Glam! OMG this chick has so many connections to different Brands. She’s a real hustler! I think she uses those modeling skills. See women have it made in the shade.

This book was so heavy it almost took me Phillip and Emmanuel Hudson and all 6 hands just to carry it to the table. Hip Hop Cultural Odyssey! Get the Book online!

My new friends over at Sunseeker Media “Shante Paige and Kristen!” Hey ladies! Let’s do Lunch!

On the set at Bangladesh’s video shoot “100” FT Jadakiss and Pusha-T! Sometimes I gotta be out all night long to get the story done!

This guy has GOT to be THY funniest Man I ever met! I discovered this at “Uptown Comic” to premier on Bounce TV this month I think!

Now back to my serious interviews. Mrs Marsha! Co-owner of Buckhead BottleBar in Atlanta. It’s awesome running into Bossladies!

Now off to the races

Nicole Lyons (1st Black Female Nascar Race Driver) Did I say off to the races? I meant the Fashion Show

The beautiful Cynthia Bailey’s casting agency Casted all the models for the Sean John 2012 Fashion show. Great Job Bailey Agency!

V103’s Beautiful VJ personality Ramona Debreaux (Nasim Your Host) and Marsha Guobadia Owner of Buckhead Bottle Bar

Not sure if I introduced you to Elliott! You will definitely be seeing visuals soon! Elliot w/Urbank Kompass TV is one of the best Videographers you will find. And sometimes I have a co-host. I wonder if you could guess who that would end up being .

Yep! You guessed it! Jonell PR! My side kick! lol!

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