Ryan Glover – Kile’s Dad – Our Prayers are With You and Tamika Foster for Strength At Times Like This..

                                                                                             Roger Bobb, Jacque Edmonds Cofer, and Ryan Glover

Seems a lot of people and media outlets left out mention that Usher’s Stepson and Tamika Foster’s son Kile has a Biological father who is probably feeling the pain of this freakish accident the most as he was the one with Kile the day of the accident. The last thing any of us suspect will ever happen is that on a family outing that your child will be the one to be injured. This has to be he most excruciating mental time in a parent’s life. Ryan Glover is an awesome family man and President of digital content with the Bounce Network. He doesn’t have a twitter that appears to be actively used by him so we still need to reach out in other ways to let him know that he is in our hearts and prayers.

Kile Glover- Centennial Place Elementary


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