Sherman Hemsley Tribute From Tyler Perry Studios (His Final Acting Debut) on House of Payne

I remember being on the set the last day of taping the House of Payne with Sherman Hemsley and I couldn’t stop thinking of how much energy he had. He was acting exactly the same as when I used to watch the Jefferson’s. I think it was great that Mr Tyler Perry acknowledged his passing by creating this tribute to him.

I will give you a sneak peek of what you are missing on Tyler Perry’s website
Speaking of House Of Payne, Sherman Hemsley’s last acting job was on an episode of House Of Payne where he reprised his George Jefferson character. He and Marla Gibbs were on the show and they were saying how they were the only two original living cast members from the Jeffersons. Sherman brought joy to millions, and I want to thank him for all the laughter he brought to our house. I celebrate your life, my friend. May you rest in peace.

Here is a short tribute video for Sherman Hemsley from when he filmed House Of Payne with us:

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