Kile Glover Will Be Remembered – Tameka Raymond and Ryan Glover We Love You and Pray for your Strength

Final Farewells are in order for Kile Glover at a beautiful memorial on Friday July 27th at Wieuca Baptist Church. The funeral procession was very tastefully conducted by Willie Watkins Funeral Home and Phaedra Parks whom it appears are now business partners.

Tons of celebrity friends of Ryan Glover and Tameka Raymond gathered together for moral support. A beautiful memorial talk by several different pastors who put an interesting spin on our outlook of Kile’s departure. It was comforting how hear that Kile Glover has options. Lots of great memories through a video presentation reminding us how Kile was full of life.  It was amazing to see how Tameka Raymond and the new Glover family were all able to sit together and seemed to have put any differences aside in order to comfort each other through almost 2 weeks of praying for a miracle to happen as Kile Glover lay in the hospital on life support.

Yes the casket was carried off by horse and buggy to a nearby burial site. It was so hard to say goodbye. This was truly one of the saddest days in my entire life. The families would like to thank everyone for their support.


Willie Watkins Funeral Services partnered with Phaedra Parks

It was a beautiful day and really rough on everyone.

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