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Born to Fail!??? I THINK NOT!

That’s what many would say about the beginning of Stormy Wellington’s life. Born to a mother who wanted to abort her, Stormy didn’t have the best of beginnings. Raised mostly by her brothers and family friends while her mother took care of her business in the streets, it didn’t seem like Stormy had any kind of path to success. And for a while, Stormy found herself caught up in the life of hustling and drug dealing, scheming and stripping. But even in the midst of that life, Stormy had a dream. Inside she knew she would rise above it all. She was determined never to be a product of that environment. The Quiet Storm is the autobiographical journey of Stormy Wellington as she overcame all the traps of her life. Not even her pregnancy at the age of fifteen stopped Stormy from shaping her future and taking control of her destiny. Stormy endured a life that was filled with pain, but instead of being a victim, she embraced her past, understanding the entire time that every situation and circumstance was a part of her process and would help her along her road to success.

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Today, Stormy Wellington is one of the top network marketers in the country and for the first time, this renowned motivational speaker and life coach, shares her story.

The Quiet Storm is a story of hope and purpose and will leave you feeling encouraged and inspired, knowing that by embracing your past, like Stormy, you can step into the magnificence of your future!

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