OCHOCINCO Chad Johnson Could Be Released From the Miami Dolphins???…Following Headbutt Arrest

Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada.3 Martini Moments                                        Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada “Embarrasing Situation- 2 Adults Headbutting? WoW”


Man! I heard the expression “Happily ever after” and I thought that would at least apply to Chad and Evelyn for at least 90days following their July 4th wedding. #IMJUSTSAYIN they barely made it to August 4th. Headbutting off the field Chad really? Condom receipts really? Runing to the neighbors really Evelyn? Wow!  I am completely speechless. Some people just don’t seem happy unless the title “TRAINWRECK” is attached to their life story line. THE NFL SIMPLY IS NOT HAVING IT!  So Johnson was arrested on “suspicion of Domestic Violence”. I hope this is NOT an over-exaggerated story. So hopefully everyone is just jumping the gun and this story was just stretched out of proportion. I think Evelyn and Chad need to get their story together on what really happened and think about $$ and time and reputations that will be all lost destroyed and how much damage to Chad’s career, what’s left of Evelyn’s reputation and also how all these accusations on CHAD looks to the organization that he represents. NOT that I think Chad or Evelyn thought about anything other than themselves for ONE SECOND. That too is a big part of the problem. #SELFISHNESS please #DOBETTER!!!


Let’s check out what Miami NEW POST had to say

Johnson and Lozada married just this past July 4, but according to The New York Daily News Lozada confronted Johnson after finding a receipt for condoms in his car while the newlyweds were coming home from dinner. As the two were pulling into Johnson’s driveway in Davie, Florida, he allegedly head-butted her.

The assault left a laceration on Lozada’s face and she was taken to the hospital for treatment. She reportedly ran over to a neighbor’s house after the incident.

Johnson told the responding police officer that the incident was Lozada’s fault.

“I don’t give a fuck!” Johnson yelled after the incident, according to the police report. “I don’t give a fuck about my career!”

Of course, now the future of that career is in question as multiple sources are reporting that Johnson has been cut from the Dolphins.

A Miami native, Johnson was signed to the Dolphins this past off-season and sat atop the team’s wide receiver depth chart. @MiamiNewTimes.


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