Another Martini Moment in the World of PR in ATLANTA as 5 Atlanta PR Firms Make the TOP 100 List!

Shout out to the 5 PR Firms I feel privileged to know in the ATL. #1 is my business partner and close friend Jonell PR for making the TOP 100. Big shouts out to #TheGarnerCircle #LaTonyaStory #EnchantedPR #Aleeshcpr I see you out there doing your thing working really hard.

In the words of Ms Dee Dee Cocheta, “It was great to see this post earlier today by Robert Wan Kim, “Top 100 Public Relations Firm and Publicists of 2012″ listing my friend Jonell PR as a top publicist. Quote by DeeDee “”Robert’s article is a constant reminder I say over and over to potential clients, “You can’t do it alone,” like myself it takes a team of PR account executives to creatively work hard for our clients. You want to be seen and heard? Do the research in finding the top PR people to help you get there … Enjoy Robert’s article –

I see clients all the time of my colleague’s either trying to do everything themselves or not sitting back and allowing the publicist to do what they do to help “YOU” CLIENTS!!! Get to where you need to be. It’s a LOT of Work. It’s never good to toot your own horn. Representation and relationships mean everything in this business. Utilize the people you have working for and with you. The boosters and the naysayers and those who just want to be around to be in the mix. I say “Let em GO head with that!” Again congrats. Yes I got the pics today from the other article. Just wanted to make sure you were reading the correct article.

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