Richard Pryor’s Biopic Put on Ice “Daughter is Trippin”

Sources say Pryor’s 42 year old daughter will NOT sign off on the script all because she was not consulted during the writing period. Come on now film people. You know you must consult the gatekeepers on these things.Check out what our friends over at HSK had to say about this:

Since Richard Pryor’s death, 42-year-old Rain Pryor has taken over the estate of her legendary comedian father. Now, HSK has exclusively learned Rain won’t sign off on the script, about Richard Pryor’s life, which a group of top Hollywood writer’s were looking to bring to the silver screen.
Here’s what an insider had to say about the situation:

“The Richard Pryor movie ain’t coming out because Rain Pryor won’t sign off. They didn’t consult with Rain when they were writing the script, plus I heard they weren’t offering her good points.”

Did Rain Pryor approve of Marlon Wayans portraying her father on the silver screen?

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