Snoop LION “Reincarnated” BIG HIT at the Toronto Film Festival – SNoop DOgg Press Conference

                                          Snoop Lion laughs at the Reincarnated press conference. Michelle Siu/The Canadian Press

Snoop Dogg quoted to have always looked at himself as “the Reincarnated Bob Marley”. Believes his “Dream is his family and Snoop chooses Family First”. “All I can do is do me and I can’t do you”, “I’m just an extension of what reggae music is. It feels good to make reggae music and it feels good to listen to it.” See Snoop speak during the press conference and tell me if his voice is still incredibly sexy especially as a Rastafarian. “I believe this lifestyle that I am trying and living right now is definitely making me a better father, a better husband.” Quotes from Snoop at the press conference. Is it just me or is Snoop just sexy no matter what comes out of his mouth? Wow!! #TeamSnoopDoggyDog #TeamSnoopLion Check out the video from the Press Conference for yourself.

Check out the Trailer for “Reincarnation”. Snoop will be instrumental in “Giving Rastafari to people trying to learn it the TRUTH and not commercializing the culture. Snoop is in it for the spirit.

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