Rhianna Should @ Chris Brown and Not Subtweet – #RachetGirlNationalAnthem

Chris and Rhianna fired up the press, blogsites, TV, and media world with their kiss at the MTV VMAs this past Thursday. We also reported that Karrueche was not happy about that kiss but is mad as Hell! But is Rihanna striking back with more? Have you seen her tweets lately? See below

Poor Karrueche! She was just sending a subliminal towards Chris Brown via instagram. But now, Rihanna’s got a few tweets that brings up the question, “could these tweets be about Chris?”





These are tweets from Rihanna, yesterday, September 8, 2012:

‘Red lipstick. Rose petals. Heartbreak… I was his Marilyn Monroe… Brown eyes… Tuxedo… Fast cars… A James Dean on the low. What’s love without tragedy?’ Noo BooBooo Nooo BooBooo She #Rachettttt Now all we need is Rhianna to come up pregnant and Chris be the Pappy! LMAO!

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