Vince and Tamar Cover Rolling Out Magazine “2 Drinks to That”

This is an awesome picture of Vince and Tamar!!! Congrats on the show! But I must admit that every episode where Tamar is involved definitely turns into “Another Martini Moment” if not 2 or 3 Martini’s. Vince is looking quite dapper in all of the recent press that’s being released. I love the fact they have been able to stay married for 9 years. However, if they want to make another 9 years I think they should spend too many seasons on camera together in these Reality TV Shows. I want Rolling Out to do a segment on marriages that spilt up from Reality TV.  There was Gloria and Matt Barnes, Nene Leakes and Greg, and the list goes on. But as soon as they got a grip and one or the other decided not to do the show they were able to salvage the relationship. The husbands in each instance either left for good or played his background role.

Clearly I think Vince is in love with seeing himself on TV. He knows he’s a super star! Oops! He knows he and Tamar are SuperStars with Super Star Status . POW!

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