Alex Cross Comes in a #5 in the Box Office “Thanks to the Support of Tyler Perry Fans”

There are so many angles I could “go there” on those who have negative comments about the numbers and Tyler Perry’s association with this movie. Let’s start with #1 Track Record. Tyler Perry has a Track Record in Box Office Numbers that range over $18Million opening weekend. The way I looked at this great movie that was not Written or Produced by Tyler Perry is a) perhaps the directors and producers should have taken this into account that perhaps they needed a Tyler Perry Hand in some of this. OR this could have been a situation where Tyler Perry merely wanted to come in as an actor. #2 The past Alex Cross movies when Alex Cross was popping was still in the 13mi range. #3 I think the movie would have done WORST with No Tyler Perry. He did the producers/directors a favor accepting the role.  When research on the demographics was done according to BOX OFFICE MOJO , appears the movie faired as well as it did thanks to the Tyler Perry supporters and had the Director of the Movie and the Alex Cross fans pitched in and purchased tickets , seems the numbers would have doubled. Yep!  Check out what Box Office Mojo had to say

In fifth place, Alex Cross opened to a disappointing $11.75 million from 2,539 locations. That’s the worst opening ever for a movie starring Tyler Perry, and second-worst for a movie he’s associated with behind Daddy’s Little Girls ($11.2 million), which burned off some demand with a Wednesday opening. The debut is also lower than previous Alex Cross movies Kiss the Girls ($13.2 million) and Along Came a Spider ($16.7 million), even though those movies each were released over a decade ago.

The demographics tell a big part of the story here. The audience was 60 percent women, 68 percent over the age of 35, and 74 percent African American, all of which aligns with the typical Tyler Perry crowd. This suggests that Perry fans made up a large portion of moviegoers, while the legions of fans of the character Alex Cross and author James Patterson opted to skip the movie.

One thought on “Alex Cross Comes in a #5 in the Box Office “Thanks to the Support of Tyler Perry Fans”

  1. I was pleasantly surprised that I would actually enjoy the movie. I will affirm that I went to see the film to support Tyler Perry new endeavor as an actor, outside of his own production company. Glad to see that the movie made the top 5.

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