What Lil Wayne Had to Say About Young Artist “TORION”!!!! Video

Don’t believe me? Check out what journalist Eric Bruce had to say about Torion:
Gwinnett CItizen

Five years ago, nine year old Torion Sellers started singing, dancing, and acting. Now at age 14, he appears to be on the verge of stardom. Having already been noticed by some big names in the music industry, the future looks bright for the young man from Grayson.

Torion lives in Grayson with his father Todd, a salesman at AT&T, his mother, and sister Brianna. He attended Grayson Elementary School but now, home-schooled, he spends much of his time practicing and singing. I met Torion and his father, Todd, recently at a Starbucks and was impressed. Torion was dressed in a warm-up suit with a baseball hat on sideways. Though he looked the part of a young singer, he was polite, mannerly, and easily talked about his desires and goals.

His music is considered rhythm and blues (R&B) or hip hop, and his voice has been compared to Justin Beiber. “My major influences have been Michael Jackson, Usher, and Chris Brown,” Torion revealed. Listening to his music, his voice is youthful and smooth, and the talent jumps from the speakers.

Early on, Torion attended AGI in Atlanta where he received training for acting and performing. “I was practicing my craft, singing and dancing,” Torion said, “I would also practice at home and do shows on Saturday or Sundays.” He began performing small bits with his father’s band at local restaurants and churches. His father played percussion in a Jazz/R&B group called ‘911 Band’, and played locally at Footprints restaurant in Grayson.

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