Chris Brown and Karrueche Still Friends? Why Not? Draya’s Joined In On The Fun

Hey was that a Nate Dog song that said “It Ain’t No Funnnnnnn if the Homie Can’t Haveee None?” Well seems like Chris Brown been going to the school of Lil Wayne in Miami, FL where Wayne teaches em all to be friends. A happy wife means a happy life. So what about 2 happy ex’s? What does that mean? Many on twitter seemed to be taking it too personal that Draya is friend’s with her ex’s EX. She even took it a step further and sent the gift of true giflfriendism “Panties”!

Was there a Note from Lady Eloise inside that said , “Karrrrrrucccchhhheee darling! I don’t have any Panties on? from Draya? hahahah Well, these 2 have more than pretty underwear likes in common. They have doggydates!
See now we done opened another can of worms. Dog sitters or Dog Owner/Pet Lovers? Which one is it? I can see Draya and Karruche being friends. Like We Say, Why Not? Now let’s drink to that!

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