Why Quicktime Cinema Studios? Green Screen, Cyc Walls, In House Video & Lighting Equipment

Green Screen Cyc Walls and Black(ground)

Full Media Production Studio Designed to Meet all Your Production Needs

Quicktime Cinema Studios comes highly recommended, and they are also widely used by individuals who want the highest quality yet affordable coved wall studio. Whether you have 100 square feet of studio space or 10,000 square feet, Quicktime Cinema’s GOAL is a customized production plan to meet your needs. Quicktime Cinema has also built a reputation for unparalleled customer service. From the start of your project to the end, we are always available to answer any questions and make sure your studio meets your needs, budget and specifications.
With highly trained SCAD educated videographers, editing crews, and a phenomenal Director of Photography on board, we are sure to take your vision to the next level.


We have a professional crew so you don’t have to DIY. We save you lots of time and energy.

Check out the Article:
Light the Blue Screen Independently of the Subject

When lighting your “studio” set up, you’ll want to light the green screen first, then you can start lighting the subject. The main goal with a green screen is to maintain even lighting over the whole screen with no wrinkles or shadows that can cause variations in the hue of the screen. You can keep it evenly lit by diffusing the lights with wax paper and making sure they are at least 5 feet away from the screen to spread the light.

Shadows Are Your Worst Nightmare

Be aware that shadows from your actor’s movements or overexposed light spots on the blue screen will make the final product have a grainy artifact pixelation that glitches in and out in a sick way. Maybe you like that….

Now just place two lights on either side of the subject and play with the placement of the lights to tweak your style of lighting on your subject. Imagine the lighting of the scene that you are going to be creating for them in post-production.

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