Insurance Health Care and Receptionists in the Eye Consultant Industry! SMH

Why am I having a serious 6 Martini Moment right now and its not even 11am. Here I am sitting at the eye care doctor and the “Receptionist” is not even capable of reading a healthcare benefit card to determine eligibility. Maybe that’s because she doesn’t work in the insurance department. Hmmmm Well, common sense would say to pass this assignment to that person. BUT common sense is not so common in certain COUNTIES in GA that still believe in the Good Ole Boy System. Look at the Card Above and You Tell Me if there is any provider listed that is in the State of Georgia. Hmmmmm First Health Networks may be one of them. What is the problem if you accept First Health Networks. Well the problem may be the lack of color in the office. And I am not referring to the Decor! Still????? Really???? Wow, does this have anything to do with Obama and the Election? Can anyone guess which County in Georgia I am in right now?

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