FreddyO’s Tee’s and Quotes Grand Opening – Exclusive ART Poster-PHOTOS of CELEBS throughout the Years

CynthiaBailey-family-teesquotes   Cynthia Bailey- 3 Generations of Beauty– (This Large Picture Can be seen at Tees and Quotes)

Bennett street (Behind Frank Ski’s Across from the Green Room Coffee Lounge/Actors Workshop) Yes! We had to have several Martinis when we found out that FreddyO had moved his office to Buckhead. There were those who I knew was moving on up like the Jefferson’s BUT FreddyO was one I thought was more of a Edgewood, Peters Street Artsy type of photographer. Don’t let the new address fool you FreddyO has some really good ART (some he did himself) and Photos on the Wall of Our Favorite Artists we love to see in the City of Atlanta. Check out some of the Family Photos You Might Not even know existed. While you were at the Event with the Family FreddyO still have losts of photos (That didn’t make it to Media Take-Out)

TI-King                               Ti and King (Looks like a Fashion Show) T.I. is one Swagged Out Dude

TreySOngzLudaTI                                                    Trey Songz, Ludacris, and the Kang of the South T.I.

The Grand Opening will be Tomorrow – Complimentary WINE Dec 13th  6-10pm . Come show Support as FreddyO has showed much love and support over the years to the City of Atlanta and individual endeavors .

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