Kenya Moore! Walter Jackson has forced us to have 4 Martini’s to the News He Revealed on V103

Kenya Kenya Kenya! Typically we like to start our Martini hour around mid day “2-ish” , but this morning at 10:07am Wendy Williams forced us to pull out the Martini shakers and have several drinks. Not only did she re-live the interview of Walter telling “Frank Ski and Wanda” that he only dated you 3 years ago for 3 mos (WOW) He admitted to wanting the 15 minutes of fame. He broke the silence! Heyyyyy Walter?? Bravo Network? AMERICA???? (In my Bernie Mac voice) Wasn’t there something in Walter’s contract about keeping trade secrets a secret???  Check out the audio courtesy of titled “SCANDAL: of an Atlanta Housewife Begging For a Ring- That ain’t Cute!” click the red link. Check out the video below……

Kenya-Walters-Just-Not-That-Into-You-1And in the words of Funky Dineva :

If you wonder why there seems to be zero onscreen chemistry between Walter and Kenya, thats because there is zero real life chemistry between Walter and Kenya. Walter let it be known that no one in Atlanta has EVER seen him out with Kenya.  Walter insinuated that he and Kenya have never even hunched. Jackson set the record straight, letting it be known that he met Kenya three years ago and that they dated for 3 months.



Courtesy Photo of StraightFromTheA  

In the words of In Vogue and Wendy Williams “Never Gonna Get it Neva Gone A Get IT, Never Gone a Get IT! “Poor Kenya”


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