The GreenRoom Agency Glams Up RHOA #Porsha Stewart “Behind The Scenes”

NatBrown-PorshaSteward-Alicia                                   Porsha Stewart, Nat Brown, Alicia Igless “The GreenRoom Agency”

Any reason to have another afternoon Martini, the atmosphere alone caused for 2 Martini’s to begin with….We stopped by Jay’s Photography Studio in midtown Atlanta where we found The GreenRoom Agency GLAM CREW, HAIR STYLIST, TOP NAME BRAND SHOE BOXES, DESIGNER DRESSES, CLOTHES, Wardrobe Stylists, Sushi, Pizza, A Top Photographer & his slammin STUDIO, and this LIGHT he Used! Gasp (clutches pearls). I called it the SHINING! This studio was EVERYTHING, Strobe lights, bubble machine, smoke machine, atmosphere just AMAZING! Ok, on to the photo shoot!

GreenRoom Agency Posha S                     Nat Brown oversees the hair stylist “So protective of the client” Thanks Poppa Bear Nat!

SHoes-Porsha                                             Shoes to die for! Rebecca Taylor, Jeffrey on board and even….

Monolo BlahnikYep! Monolo Blahnik (OMG! Do you Remember these from Sex In the City? Take a Closer Look

MonoB                                                  Ladies and Gentlemen I Present “Monolo Blahnik”

stylistsThese 2 ladies were truly amazing. They come to your home and match up your closet. Contact “The GreenRoom Agency for their contact info. They pulled from EVERYWHERE to make this shoot amazing

PorshaDStewrd-UrbanTanglesAlicia Igless “Urban Tangles” is part of the “GreenRoom Agency” Glam Team … She’s awesome!

PorshaStewart-alicia                                  Absolutely stunning. Do you see that eye makeup and those perfect lips?

PorshaDStewart                                                           Now this is just Pretty – Perfectly Pretty

ExclusivePhotos                                                       See the light? The “SHINING” Is what I call it!

NameBrands                 Wow! I know I know I had to just go back to the shoes for a moment. Ok Ok I am moving on

CharcoalEyes                              Is this what they call Smokey Eyes? I call them “SMOKIN EYES!” Wow! Love IT

When the REAL FINISHED PHOTOS COME OUT you will be so excited and surprised!  Porsha Stewart is one class act! Despite what you see on the show, “She Has a Heart of Gold”. Ok one sneak photo and I hope I don’t get anyone in trouble. Special thanks to the GreenRoom Agency “Nyssa Green” Owner for letting me on the set and allowing AMM to capture the best “Glam Team” and MUA Agency at work…………….

Nat-PorshaNat Brown “The Green Room Agency” and Porsha D Steward (Real Housewife of Atlanta) Wife to Cordell Stewart and Grand-daughter to Civil Rights Activist “Hoses Williams” – Founder of “Hosea Feeds the Hungry”


photos Courtesy of :The Red Carpet Slave

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