Frank Ski Is Leaving V-103 :-( After 14 Years of Dedication to the Station


We will miss Frank Ski and his inspirational vitamin, his updates, the story about the boys, the Club Updates, the mornings with him and Wanda bickering in love, the early morning guests etc. And no that’s not Tanya in the picture. “My decision to leave my V-103 family has been one of the most important and most spiritual decisions of my life.

For years, I’ve delivered the Inspirational Vitamin and have told you to live by faith, not fear, and to believe in the power of God’s plan for your life. I’ve encouraged you to ‘Let Go and Let God’ — and now it’s time for me to do the same. It’s time for me to walk in faith — but chase my passions and spiritual purpose to expand my brand & grow. It’s time for me to explore other opportunities that will allow me to serve more people on a greater level.

Thank you to General Manager, Rick Caffey, for believing in my talent, and allowing me to be the leader of a radio station that truly believes in service & community. Thank you to my cohost, Wanda Smith, for trusting in my abilities to lead the Morning Show on a successful 14 year journey. Thank you to the entire V-103 family — on-air and behind the scenes — your efforts, enthusiasm, hard work & support will always be appreciated.”

Frank Ski is of course the owner of a new restaurant and wine vineyard, which has been very successful this past year.  He states that he is moving on to other radio opportunities as well, so this will most likely not be the last time we hear Frank Ski on the radio. To look at the letter Frank wrote to the community click the read more tab

v103 Tent check out what our friends at Cascade Patch posted: Letter to Atlanta from Frank Ski. Check it out. It will definitely make you shed a tear ;-(  :

The following is a letter written by Frank Ski directly to the Atlanta community:



Dear Atlanta,
Fourteen years ago, V-103 General Manager Rick Caffey and I set out to create a morning show that was informative, entertaining and inspirational — and year after year, you’ve blessed us with #1 ratings in every age category.

I’m beyond blessed to get paid to do what I love most, to be on the radio with more than a million listeners every week. I have enjoyed waking you up every morning, deejaying the hottest parties every week and whether it be in the streets, the grocery store, your school, a football game or in places of worship, I have truly enjoyed getting to know you and your family.

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