Akon, Lisa Borders, American Kidney Foundation, Roger Bobb, Supports Devyne Stephens “All I want for Xmas Gala”

DevyneAKONDevyne Stephens and “AKON”

Demetria-Devyne-RollsRoyceDemetria Mckinney and Devyne Stephens RogerBobb-LisaBordersRoger Bobb “CEO Bobbcat FIlms” and Lisa Borders

DeeDevyneDemetria McKinney, Devyne Stephens, Kash Howard and of course “The Rolls Royce”

Akon-Drexina-DevyneAkon, Drexina Nelson (Celebrity Photographer) and Devyne Stephens

DeeDevyneKashActDemetria McKinney , Devyne Stephens and Kash Howard

RollsRoyceAtmosphereRolls Royce Atmosphere

RollsRoyceLook at this Beauty!!!2013

cheryl-croppedEr1outDevyne Stephens and Cheryl Mack

Girls-Guests-DevyneDevyne always brings out the pretty women

ChrisRuffin-IntheLabOne Stop Productions – Of course they make everything glitter look like Gold!! Christian Ruffin

roger bobb keisha devyneRoger Bobb Keisha (Insight Marketing) and Devyne Stephens

randall jorrRandall Jorr and Guest

legendaryEventsLegendary Event  “The Only Way to Go When it comes to Catering” Save Up! It’s Def Worth It!

lambGrits  Lamb chops and Grits (These grits were definitely the best I have had in my LIFE) and I’ve had a lot of grits

dave-devyneHHWDave Mays (Hip Hop Weekly) Devyne Stephens 

DevyneJoynerPhillip Devyne Stephens , Joyner Byron(Kidney Donor)  and Phillip (American Kidney Foundation)

DevyneGroupGroup Photo

parasGbrotherParas Griffin and his Brother (I forgot to ask if he were single)

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