Nicki Minaj Hosts Xmas Extravaganza in NYC “Extravagant Outfit or When Wardrobe Goes Wrong???”

Nicki Minaj barely contains her assets as she arrives for her Christmas Extravaganza Hosted by Nicki Minaj at Webster HallThe Huffington Post Writer Erin Clements put it in these words : “Nothing says festive holiday attire like a studded, plunging, spandex catsuit.” You be the judge. I’m thinking..about 3 Martini’s to digest if she really wore this outfit hosting a Christmas Event (The last time I check Christ-(Jesus) was like the meaning behind Christmas right? When hosting a Holiday party ‘in the name of Jesus” Maybe Nicki Should have asked herself “WWJD” before getting dressed.

When Nicki Minaj stepped out to host a Christmas Extravaganza event at Webster Hall in New York City on Dec. 25, her getup was definitely more naughty than nice. (Hey, at least the red-trimmed shoulder panels and cheerfully hued sunglasses added a seasonally appropriate touch.)

Fans of the “Starships” singer will be happy to know that the Season 12 premiere of “American Idol,” which sees Minaj joining fellow diva Mariah Carey at the judges’ table, is now just three weeks away.

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