Check Out Rodney Ho’s Profile of Ryan Cameron since 2004- First Debut of Ryan’s Morning Show Jan 2nd on V103

MMRyanCameron crashJoselineRyanTo read the entire story click on AJC-BLOG-Rodney Ho – I am only covering a portion of what he re-capped on his blogRyan Cameron rolled out his new V-103 morning show with Chris “Crash” Clarktoday with a new theme song from his former intern Ludacris and a new feature: a daily affirmation from V-103’s veteran Sunday morning host Larry Tinsley.

This was a moment that many Cameron fans have been waiting for since 2005, when he joined V-103 a second time as the afternoon host.

For the past seven-plus years, Frank Ski and Wanda Smith held fort with strong ratings in the mornings. V-103 was able to keep Cameron on in afternoons, enabling him to keep normal hours while pulling in a morning-show salary.

When V-103 was unable to come up with an agreement with Ski (who wanted syndication), he left Dec. 20. Cameron, who has subbed in for Ski over the years, was the natural successor.

He will be hiring a third person for the show who will likely handle entertainment news. For now, he presides over the pop culture news on the Ryan Report. And he has a “man on the street” person dubbed Funny Boo Boo, who was mocked this morning for his “leather-esque” pants.

His first call was from Cayden, his son. At 7:40 a.m., he took a jokey call from Miss Sophia, the former sidekick on Frank and Wanda’s show, who repeated her “girl talk” line.

“I know that was an audition,” Cameron said. “We don’t need no more hot dogs! We have enough hot dogs!”

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