Lindsay Lohan Hires a Million Dollar Decorator to RE:DO Her New Home

lindsay-lohan_1Lindsay Lohan really? So did you ever end up telling Charlie Sheen Thank You for the Cash he used to pay off some of your IRS battles with? I mean #IJS of course you didn’t ask him to but manners. I know the girl who has had the year that you have had doesn’t worry about manners until you get in the courtroom and the judge is trying to sentence you. BUT I Just Hope this is a Better Year for you girl! I am totally rooting for you. New Home, Fresh Start, Maybe you just need a good Military By the Rules Older Man in ya life. You think that’s it? Well I’m hoping this is going to be your year. Let’s see how bad was 2012 For Lindsay?

Lohan looked a little bloated after celebrating the end of a year that included —

— a car crash
— 3 fresh criminal charges for lying to cops
— getting her probation in the jewelry heist case revoked
— arrested in NYC for assault
— arrested in NYC for hit and run
— calling cops after epic fight in NYC with Dina
— huge tax problems

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