Trey Songz Caught Kissing A Man in His Car- I Hope This Picture is Photoshopped (Rumor Control)

Treyz_Songz_GayNow Typically I ain’t one to gossip but I nearly choked on my New Year’s Day Martini when I seen this Photo of Trey Songz. What in the world ??? This picture has to be photoshopped because who would have gotten this close to take it? Another passenger with his flash off? Wow! Well I got this picture from our friends over at Gossip We Love  Check out what they had to say: 

R&B singer Trey Songz aka Mr. Trigga, real name Tremaine “Aldon” Neverson, might be into guys after-all, as the photo above was just uploaded to the Web by an anonymous poster who claims Trigga is definitely gay as he was photographed kissing another man inside his car.The 28 year-old hit-maker is also back in his hometown, Virginia– spending time with family and friends for the upcoming Christmas Holiday before going off on tour next year 2013.

I guess everybody just doing the most lately. OK, back to my midday cocktail. Oh Ok my boy PerezHilton cleared it all up the other day- see how late I am ..Old news

There certainly is a resemblance, but we believe him. We even know for a fact that the man in question is actually Enrique Araujo and the pic was taken from his Facebook. See, we knew it was just two other handsome gentlemen expressing their love for one another.

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