Is Lil Twist A Bad Influence on Justin Bieber?

lil-twist-and-justin-bieber-red-carpet-16x9Justin Bieber and side kick Lil Twist Hang Out

Is it fair that the media keeps pointing the finger of Blame for  the papparrazi who ( killed “Trying to Take A Photo Of Justin Bieber”) was due to Lil Twist having /driving Justin Bieber’s car. The reports say the police encouraged the papp not to cross there and he indeed crossed and was struck by a car. Justin’s car being his car nor Lil Twits driving the car place no bearing on the papp being determined not to listen to the traffic officer and crossing where it was not safe to do so. I don’t think the media should now detract attention from what happened by saying Lil Twist is a good or bad influence.  See more pics on TMZ


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