Drexina Nelson Attends “Fabulina Designs” Sponsored “Vision Board” Party at Tees and Quotes

FabulinaDesigns-VisionBoardPartyCEO Charline Shelby poses with Photo Taken by Celebrity Photographer “Drexina Nelson” When She Once Was a New Photographer with a Vision

DrexinaNelson-VisionBDrexina Nelson Still sees the Importance of Starting the New Year with a Vision- Check Out Her Vision Board

ManWithVisionNow here is a Man with a Vision! Focus Man! Focus!!!

Focused People VisionBoardFocused People Completing the Vision

VisionBoard-123A closer at this Vision Board-

VISIONWhat do you see in this Board? Not too cluttered. I see a Nice Vehicle, Great Wardrobe, LOVE – any race, Cash Back, Being a Boss- I Even See Stamina Which Tells me to pick Up Derek Anderson’s New Book “Stamina” or to Order it Now staminaBook-300x240

Derek Anderson’s New Book STAMINA Talks ABOUT his perseverance in life, growing up after being abandoned by his biological parents!  His Journey! Growing up without parents and still making your way to the NBA while fathering a son at age 14. Find out “where his support system came from” why Derek Anderson had to grow up sooner than anticipated, and how he found his parents as an adult and now loves them just the same; in his new book STAMINA. Set to hit the stores 1 / 21 Pre Order Your Copy Today

Charline-FocusedHey That doesn’t look like a Vision Board!!!


angelicaFindsAngelica must have found something “PURPLE” It’s her favorite color. She must be trying to get a discount or she’s going to create a new designed bracelet.

Focused-Focused! This man was on a Mission!

Focused-lovingIT VBThese Folks are really feeling the vision! I Love it!!!



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