Chaka Khan, Fantasia, Nicci Gilbert, Eva Marcielle, Tika Sumpter and Tamala Mann at the 2013 Trumpet Awards

TomJoyner-niccikekewyattxenoniaTom Joyner, Nicci Gilbert-Daniels, Keke Wyatt, Chaka Khan, Xernona Clayton, Monifah, Syleena Johnson and Lacosha Scott

This year I attended the 2013 Trumpet Awards (AGAIN) but I must admit the red carpet was one of the most (AWKWARD) red carpets ever. Someone should have told me I was going to need 5 Martinis to prepare. It really helps when people whom are chosen for these duties are people whom understand the IMPORTANCE of WHY a red carpet exists. Before I get into picture posting let’s talk about the purpose of the red carpet. It’s a place (UNPAID) press go arriving early to get photos and interviews to run back and post to Magazines, Newspapers, National Publicity Photo Outlets such as Getty, Wire Images etc. When I didn’t see the media outlets listed on the ground that was the first RED FLAG. When I saw members from the local church group mic’d up and NOT announcing Very Important People who came from thousands of miles away (OH Not Announcing them because they didn’t RECOGNIZE the Talent (this was very disturbing). Rule#1 You must assign a Talent SPOTTER to announce to the PRESS whom is arriving. Because most UNPAID press are typically sent out by magazines and they are article paid journalists who have no idea who a lot of celebrities are. They rely on the Talent Spotter (A person who recognizes even the UNRECOGNIZABLE talent). Red carpet rules (LOOK BOOK) a Book that has a headshot of Nominees, Presenters, Talent, Performers, special invited Red Carpet VIP guests; (since these are the ONLY people who typically should be walking the red carpet) and sometimes sponsors. #3 Bouncers (on the red carpet) really? Is this a Nightclub…wow! The problem with BOUNCERS on the red carpet is they typically have (BOUNCER/Club Mentality)…


Sending Celebrities down the red carpet (UNESCORTED) #EpicFail – In most efforts to keep the Red Carpet into turning into a Zoo most events will have their own Talent Escorts to assist them down the red carpet. An #EpicFail would be to release a celebrity down the red carpet unescorted (not to mention this is not SAFE). Most journalists are on a media outlet list. But when you have an OPEN journalist red carpet where anyone w/camera in tow can typically walk up and take a spot (NOT a GOOD or Safe Look) for some of your celebrity guests (That have Net Worth of Millions of Dollars). #SafetyFirst for the Celebrity is YOUR first order of business at every event. Ok now that I am done venting I will get into more photos. This will conclude your lesson on the Red Carpet 101 Rules.

TraceyAlonzoMorning-trumpetTracey and Alonzo Mourning- Award Recipients

ChakaKhan-greenChaka Khan is “Gone with the Wind Fabulous” and “Open Casket Clean” -that was the Classic Line of the Night

DavidTamela-recipientDavid and Tamala Mann- Tamala- Baebaaaa! When you walked off that stage honey there was not one dry eye in the house!U did THAT

EvaPigford-trumpetEva Marcielle

EvaMarcielle-trumpetNow Eva! Look back at It!

eva-backoutTamala and Eva in the lobby

EvaTamelaThere is her better /other half! This is the best example of black love- faith based love- family love- and husband management there is!TamalaMann-DavidTamala and David Mann- and they are still together – Good People PaulaWhitegreat looking folks with Paula White TikaSumpterTika Sumper- actress- Sparkle (is she a singer too or was she just acting?) Fairy Princess Pretty! Monifah-girl-TamelaNicciMonifah, her partner, Tamela Mann and Nicci Gilbert-Daniels

brian-tasia-syleenaWhy are they looking like “What are you bout to pull out that purse girl?” Uhhh Uh We Good. LOL! brian-tasia-syleena TasiaRedCarpetFantasia looks FABULOUS! Always looks great! Seems to look smaller every time we see he hit the carpet right? nicci-tribute-stageThe R & B Divas hit the stage to give Tribute to “CHAKA KHAN”  and they sound amazing!!!BigTigger-Demetria-TrumpetBig Tigger and Demetria McKinney

AlonzoMourning-trumpetAlonzo and Tracy Mourning- his cousin and kidney donor ‘Jason”- Motombo and Patrick Ewing on stagecouplesTVone-DavidTamelaNicciCouples at the 2013 Trumpet Awards

monifah-gfMonifah and her gf looked amazinggf-MonifahOk…blank staredee-eva

Is this how Divas Greet Each Other?
Nicci-ChakaKhan-LaceNicci GIlbert-Daniels and Chaka Khan-Great Minds think alike- Red Lace- Ummmm I had on a black lace jacket does that count?nicci-lenny-verawangNicci Gilbert-Daniels and Lenny Daniels (Curvato and Vera Wang Tux) The 2 compliment each other so well

Monifah-syleena-tacoshaNicciNow these women are ready! niccikekechakamosyleenaYall better work that Over 40 Club with Style! 40 and Still Fresh!tameladeedavI’m almost willing to put money up that “Demetria said something crazy” Lol! EvaTamelaBeautiful WomenchakaKekeChaka Khan and Keke WyattNicci-CurvatoRedOk is this what loosing 65 lbs looks like then I want to follow Ms GIlbert-Daniels around for the next 60days xernonasyleenaXernona Clayton , Chaka Khan and the R & B Divasniccikekechaka The women were overwhelmed when Chaka came into the room!

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