Karrine Steffens New Book “How to Make Love to a Martian” Early Release- Avail NOW

Karrine Steffens is definitely NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE. She’s actually one of the ones where their reputation really doesn’t even cover the extent of depth of the type of person Karrine Steffens is or what she stands for. Besides what first comes to mind. Many forget Karrine Steffens is a 3time NYC Best Selling Author. She knows how to turn a situation into a money making opportunity to become an entreprenuer, even known for speaking to college girls about the industry and the mistakes to beware of. According to our friends at Global Grind ; When it comes to making profitable career changes, Karrine Steffans is king. Despite what some may think of her methods, Karrine is one of the few who flipped her role as an acclaimed video vixen into a lucrative career as an author, a career that has been built on one particular trait: her unabashed ability to tell the truth, no matter what it means for her reputation.
The book is now available on amazon, kindle books

While Karrine does say that the relationship she shares with Wayne is complex, she isn’t saying he is the best she’s ever had, nor is she giving up just who the man “closest to Wayne” is that she had an affair with once she heard Sarah ViVan was expecting a child by the rapper.

Think that’s a lot to handle?

Check out the video above where Karrine talks about how she felt the first time she heard her name dropped on Wayne’s “Good Kush and Alcohol” verse. Get more information about Karrine’s book How to Make Love to a Martian here.

Head over to Amazon to get your hands on a digital copy of the book, available on Kindle for just $2.99.

Read more: http://globalgrind.com/entertainment/karrine-superhead-steffans-tell-all-book-6-years-lil-wayne-weezy-video#ixzz2Knf8pAnI

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