iNetwork Art Show, Chef Clarence Ridgely, 11Alive, Drexina Nelson, Meagan Good – I need 5 Martinis

BartPhillips-Meagan-CharlineThis week has been most interesting one. I think I have been through the entire week without one drop of Vodka or Gin which means not 1 single Martini. What’s wrong with that picture? Let’s run down the week… Starting on Sunday with Meagan Good and Devon Franklin on this Relationship Couple Panel at #Morehouse University. This Liquid Soul Media/Wallmart Sponsored event was quite interesting.
Dr Tart was  the Facilitator of the panel and his fiance’ sat in the audience. Is it me or does she need a little lotion on them feet?DrTart-Fiance

A Very Single Dr Alduan Tart was the Facilitator of the Panel

Then Monday Morning it was Off to the Green Room with the Green Room Agency Nyssa Green and the Crew…
Nyssa-BehindTheScenesNyssa is Such the Perfectionist When it Comes to Make Up
NyssaThePerfectEyeShe makes sure Nat gives her the perfect eye so she can take the perfect photo and do great!
ChavisMims-nyssa Ok, Great! Time to Get ready for the iNetwork Inc. Art Show.
Rashida-papRashidaH looks picture perfect on the red carpet.. Ok on the Step and Repeat!
EntryWay-ArtGalleryWelcome! Let’s see what we find inside. Before we do anything let’s head to the bar!
Courvoisier-Table-setUpCourvoisier Cocktails were the talk of the night! The chef even incorporated them in his Japanese Taco Sauce
Chef-Bart Is that why everyone was leaving the Chef Station looking so happy?
BartPhillips-Courv The 2 Visionary Awards were presented to Headcrack of the Rickey Smiley Show/Dish Nation and Bart Phillps CEO of Sunseeker Media TV
Bart-HeadcrackThere was even some live entertainmentaRTISTS-ACOUSTICShe was awesome
ARTIST-C Now back to the Bar!
Courvoisier-Table-Bartender The Lounge and Gallery were filled with people. It was an amazing evening!
The Artist Had Their Own Place to Set Up!
ChefRidgeley-Art-Nobody knew that Chef Clarence Ridgley was a food artist as well. He did a Fantastic Job.
JayMarquesClarenceFamiliar faces??
iNetworkTeamThe iNetwork Team would like to say thanks to all the evening sponsors
JonellPR-SPonsorJonell PR! Awwwhh I heard she’s awesome
courvoisier-sponsorsAll the Sponsors

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