SoSoDef Concert, Usher’s Performance with Lil Jon and Ludacris – CROWD- GOES WILD at #Yeah- VIDEO

jermaine-dupriI can’t believe I live in the ATL (less than 7 miles from the Fox Theatre) and didn’t go to the SoSo Def 20 year Anniversary Concert. It looked like a wonderful show but seems some of the key people that should have been there weren’t. A key effort in making every attempt of an effort to get certain songwriters (Sean Garrett) Cough Cough and Artists (Kandi and Tiny)”that made some of the biggest songs Relevant”…getting these people to the event. I just think “IN MY opinion that things shouldn’t be taken for granted. It took all pieces to the puzzle to put THOSE songs together. (Certain HIT SONGS)..It seemed like a great concert and I guess nobody had time to beg people to come but some things it just seems like it would be respectful to make sure these songwriters, artists, that played a BIG part, were in the house.

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