Is Trinidad James Playing in the Snow like Toni Braxton??? Or Partying with the STAFF?

TrinidadPerforminMansionGold all in his chain! Gold all in his rangs, but snow at the beach Nicholas aka Trinidad James? Wow!!! Now most people know its a standard rule not to take sand to the beach. But when did it become customary to leave the sand and just because it’s cold outside Trinidad decides to bring in some snow? Wowwwwww! Did you see when they were leaving in the same car service. It wasn’t enough to be boo’d up all night I guess.  Still there isn’t 100% confirmation these two are officially ‘dating’, (and if they were would we really be jealous?) I think NOT! Thanks for this info my sista over at the Jasmine Brand for the scoop!

Ok this chick is definitely from the West Coast as she is wearing Doc Marten’s or maybe just Lil 5 Points. Could she be personal assistant? Marketing Brand Manager?

Trinidad-snowflakeAre they playing footsies??  NO! A Date definitely wouldn’t wear Doc Martens. When you look at body language you got to look at the complete body language picture. My guess is this chick is Definitely Staff!

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