Nordstrom Dept Store Presents “The Art of Shaving” with Jay Bentley The Male Groomer

ArtofShaving-NYNordstrom Dept Store was certainly busy this saturday when Jay Bentley the Male Groomer introduced several Nordstrom Shoppers to the “ART OF SHAVING” products in the Men’s Fragrance Dept.  There are 4 Elements to the Perfect Shave.  1. Prepare 2.Lather Up 3. Shave and 4. Moisturize.

JayBentley-AOSIf you have the proper products and the right Male Groomer, you will have beautiful skin. Please stop by the Nordstrom Department Store in the Perimeter Mall to find out when Jay Bentley will be there next! Try the products related to the Art of Shaving and the 4 elements. Take a look at the activity Jay Bentley stirred up 

JayBentley-razorJay Bentley Holds A Steady Razor Hand…

nasimYourHost-jaybentley“Nasim Your Host” is a Brave Soul. He’s going to be a new man! Nothing like a man with a fresh shave!

jayB-client-talkProductsJay Bentley and client discuss products. Shopper has purchased the artofshaving-lemonArt of Shaving Lemon Kit  Retail$$ (click link)

jaybentleyNotice the Blue Light (Fusion Engraved Razor) JB is using for the shave.

FusionEngravedRazor-jbWow! Everyone seems so relaxed. Nordstrom must definitely represent quality. Shoppers are elated of the expertise advise gained from the Men’s Fragrance Dept and the Male Groomer. Great Job Jay Bentley!  Make sure you are following Jay Bentley the Master Barber/Groomer on Social Media. Twitter @Da_JBXperience Or email him at . Check out his instagram pictures Da_JbXperience or check out the website. http://www.STYLESEAT.COM/JAYBENTLEY

JayBentley-NordstromDeptMngreJay Bentley and the Nordstrom Department Manager 

JB-NordstromJB, Nordstrom shopper and a Happy New “Freshly Shaved Man” who Understands the 4 Elements of Shaving. 

4STEPSFollow the 4 Steps /See Video Below



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