Kenya and Porsha Argue over B*A*P*S and Kenya and Phaedra Argue Over Booty DVD (Classic ReUnion Moments)

Kenya-Reunion-Arguments-1Honey I didn’t have to have  any Martini’s watching the ReUnion show because it kept my attention every second SOBER! The girls were all dressed and face beat to perfection. I loved Kandi’s look any ponytail.  Porsha denies ever being malicious and claims that Kenya has been jealous of her since they first met, reasoning that Kenya is envious of her youth and marriage to Kordell. However, Kenya denies being jealous, saying, “If Kordell married her to be a trophy, she’ll be dumped at 40 like Sheree.” Andy is so messy

Andy moves on to Kenya and Phaedra’s battle of the booty DVDs and Kenya denies that she stole Phaedra’s workout DVD plans, although she did. Kenya claims that her DVD is outselling Phaedra’s DVD.  

Phaedra-Reunion-Arguments-1 Phaedra challenges her saying that urban bloggers claim Kenya is selling more, while the more credible Amazon has claimed that Phaedra’s DVD is a three times bestseller. Neither claim is completely provable, the women continue to argue as Kenya tells Phaedra she’s too short and overweight to sell a workout DVD, while Phaedra claims that Kenya’s booty, relationship and house are all fake.

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