Married to Medicine Women May Need to Be on Medication! Fighting in Ball Gowns? Team #TackyToya or Team Mariah??

toya-tacky If you want to read the entire story

OMG! Were the only words coming out of my mouth when I was checking out Bravo this past Sunday night. I’m just glad I ordered Chinese food and had my left over Target Popcorn. #Good-Stuff Bravo! You have done it again. Cheers!!!  The fight was #Classic! But I do have to declare Toya the winner. Even though this video doesn’t seem like it


I’m just going to give you some paragraphs from Blog. They said it all and there’s nothing left to say. I felt bad for both husbands as this party was definitely not the place for a fight or conversations that were taking place. Clearly both these women had a very selfish moment. Husbands should be hanging their heads low and if they are not then maybe they need to be medicated as well. SMDH!


After she and Toya are separated, Mariah says, “I could of killed Toya’s ass. I could of threw her ass in that pool and drowned that bitch.” Mama Lucy assures Mariah that she did well, adding, “You did a good job, you hit her back. I hope you beat her ass well.” Meanwhile, a sobbing Toya is holed up in the bathroom with Simone.


 Kari fetches her neighborhood’s security officer, asking him to remove Mariah from the party, but Mariah refuses to leave her own party. Mariah thinks Kari needs to tell Tori to leave. Later, Duncan boldly says to Kari, “Mariah’s life is ruined. Aydin is going to divorce her tomorrow. I guarantee it.”

Please leave your comments after reading this!  Let’s Start with Kari and Mariah and Mariah’s Arrival….

Lucy joins Quad‘s never-ending bitch fest, Toya catches up with Kari, andSimone seeks out Mariah. Simone asks, “Are you behaving?” to which Mariah says, “I’m always behaving, Dr. Jackie.” Simone’s like, um, you mean Simone. Mariah cops an attitude over the correction, saying, “You’re all prissy and perfect now. I miss my Simone from Tennessee.” Once again, Mariah is most definitely under the influence of something, as her speech sounds slurred and she’s not making any sense. 

 Then, Toya feels the need to approach Mariah, and everything goes to hell. Toya asks Mariah why Mama Lucy chewed her out, adding, “My mother would never disrespect you like that.” Mariah loses it, screaming, “Well, that’s your mama and that’s MY MAMMMAAA!” Mariah is all like, I’m way too pretty to talk to you, and then she flicks the ends of Toya’s hair. Craziness ensues.
Toya-DrEugene Toya throws her drink in Mariah‘s face. Mariah smacks Toya upside the head with her clutch. They each grab hands full of hair and fall to the ground.
quad-2therescue Quad spies the brawl and comes running, screaming, “What?! Oh hell no! Absolutely not!” Quad’s attempt to pull them apart only leads to bigger grabs, harder hits, and a shattered table. Gregory holds Quad back, Aydin pulls Mariah away, and Mama Lucy beats Toya in the head with her purse while she’s still down.Simone wisecracks, “Two bitches fighting in ball gowns. Are you kidding me?” Check out the Video Below…

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