Reality TV Destroys Another Couple! VH1 Love and Love and Hip Hop Rasheeda and KIRK are DONE!!!

simcolFM-RasheedaKIRKMan! Another one bites the dust! If we keep receiving news of couples we come to know and love on reality TV getting divorced left and right then I am going to definitely start putting Kahlua in my morning coffee. This news surfaced before my 1st cup of coffee today. WOW! What the hell??? I will definitely drink to this. It appears 

April 26, 2013: just received word that Rasheeda from Love And Hip Hop Atlanta is DIVORCING her husband Kirk. BTW this is not rumor – it is FACT (so if you use this story you are REQUIRED to credit – we confirmed it this morning.

According to our ROCK SOLID SNITCH Rasheeda is accusing her husband Kirk – of sleeping with a popular Atlanta model and socialite named Alexis Miller. Alexis, has been IN THE GAME for a minute – and she made headlines a few years back for being one of Shaq’s JUMPOFFS (She actually SUED Shaq for stalking her). Alexis is also VERY OPEN about her husband stealing ways. In fact she signed on to star in a reality show entitled ‘THE REAL MISTRESSES OF ATLANTA’

Anyways back to the story. Word is that Rasheeda got SOME KIND OF INFORMATION FROM SOMEWHERE that Kirk and Alexis were creeping – and she FIRED HIM. We’re told that the VERY PREGNANT Rasheeda put Kirk out the house and told him that she WILL be hiring a lawyer soon, and it’s a WRAP.

Dang . . . are ANY marriages safe on reality TV.

rasheeda-mediatakeoutGET to know Alexis Miller AKA “Mary Jane”  (Photocredit Media Takeout) Story quote credit “Media Takeout”

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