Did Stevie J “Don King” Joseline With the Contract? No Wonder Joseline Waiting To Be On Pay Per View #Epicfail

Looks like Stevie J has got Joseline by the balls (so to speak) Joseline admits signing Stevie J’s contract without even reading it. We all know that Hitman Stevie J came from the era of Bad Boys Club. He was taught by the best and rolls with the pros. No wonder Stevie J let’s Joseline act a damn fool all the time. At the end of the day Mimi Faust may be Molly Maid but Joseline Hernandez is the Cash Cow!

Joseline-performingStevie J knows there is money to be maid oops! made. #NoPuntIntended. Joseline is finally starting to open up her eyes and smell the coffee or is she smelling a skunk because there is something dead in the water about her not knowing what the heck her contract says. Let’s see. Former bad boy affiliate, D-Dot and attorney Ed on the team.

Steviej-1 I say Stevie J owns Joseline and her likeness, royalties, her music for at least the next 15 years. Even if she changes management. Poor Joseline and Very Very Rich Stevie J. Hey maybe he can start hanging out with Nene Leakes, since they are both VERY RICH!


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