Elle Duncan “One Too Many Martini Moments” = DUI Arrest

elle_duncan_600It seems Elle Duncan took Martini Moments too seriously. Not before driving honey. Maybe she can be an official cast member of Nicci Gilbert’s “Divas and Cocktails” show. Poor Elle. She just can’t catch a break! First fired from V103 and now this. Allegedly, her past behavior was linked to alcohol problems in the past as well. Perhaps this is a wake up call for Elle to get some help. Really the news traffic reporter arrested for DUI? That’s like what? I won’t even go there. Thanks to our friend Rodney Ho at the AJC we don’t have to. Check out his very detailed blog on the incident

Elle Duncan, an 11Alive traffic reporter, Atlanta Hawks sideline reporter and former V-103 jock, was arrested on a DUI charge early Sunday morning after a Hawks playoff game.

According to a brief report on 11Alive.com, there were no injuries. She was not on air this morning and the station “will be giving Elle the time she needs to deal with this personal incident.”

But check out the back story and be sure to visit the AJC for all the details


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