Morehouse Men/Boys Charged with Rape of 2 Spelman Girls – Wow #JesusPleaseTakeTheWheel


morehouseWell I den seent it all. What in the world is happening here??? Morehouse Men on Honor?? This is NOT how we conduct ourselves. Bill Cosby nor Spike Lee would be very proud AT ALL! Channel 2 Action News has learned that at least three Morehouse College athletes are charged in connection with a rape. The three men play on the college’s basketball team. A player on the college’s football team has also been charged in a separate rape case. 
Attorney Jackie Patterson told Channel 2’s Tom Jones his client, Chukwudi Ndudikwa, never touched the victim and will be vindicated.

Jones talked to students from the Morehouse campus about the allegations and they told him they are appalled that something like this could happen on campus.

“It’s sad and it really hurts me as a student and those are my Morehouse brothers,” student Dominique Merriwether said.

Two Spelman College students, in two separate incidents, accused the four of rape. The allegations stunned Spelman students.

“To know that it was somebody, a Spelman sister, somebody so close, is very frightening,” Spelman student Lorraine Levels told Jones.

In the first incident, police said Morehouse basketball players Malcolm Frank and Shukwudi Ndudikwa raped an 18-year-old female student on campus in the East Suites in March.

Tevin Mgbo faces kidnapping, reckless conduct and sodomy in the attack.

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