DJ Fadelf Takes Over Friday Nights #DJLIFE on the Turn Tables In Atlanta at Indigo Bar and the Kouture Lounge

DJfadelf-IndigoBarIt’s crazy how essential the DJ is to any party but when the party planning is done there’s not a lot of fuss about who’s going to be the DJ right? What people don’t know about DJ Fadelf

DJ-FadelfWhen you are in a city like the ATL (Atlanta) there’s so many things to focus on. Parties, Celebrity Invites, the Night Life, and between DJ Trauma, DJ Drama, DK Kash, DJ Infamous, Dj Baby Yu, and many more. Let’s just say there’s a DJ New to the City of Atlanta all the way from the NYC. The modelDJ-Fadelf-Egypt-Sherrod-and-TiggerDJ Fadelf, Egypt Sherrod and Big Tigger (v103 V’Js)

Songwriter/Producer DJ Fadelf is also (husband to Egypt Sherrod- V103 mid day personality). While Egypt is taking over the airwaves mid day seems DJ Fadelf is

Indigo-Barlocking down the night life. Now that’s Team Work! Friday night happy hour kicked off from 6-10pm at the Indigo Bar on Edgewood, in Atlanta GA. chicken-indigoThe 30+ over crowd that came strictly to get their jig on! There were TV’s in the Cabana’s outside and an open grill in the back with a stack of chicken wingsTV-cabanasThis is what I’m talking about after work on a friday. Now most DJ’s would call it a night but then I followed DJ Fadelf to Round 2 at the Kouture Lounge off Crescent (the old Leopard Lounge) and it reminded me of a fancy underground joint where single guys go to have a drink and pick up singledjfadelf-teamModelsgirls. There was some good looking women in the house as well but it seems most of them were part of #TeamDJFadelf Buzz Crew! #Branding at It’s Best! This DJ is not joking around. #Imjustsayin yall better watch out cause somebody’s been watching the Masters of the Mix cause DJ Fadelf definitely had theguitarscrowd rocking with his vicious spinning. Did we mention DJ Fadelf is also part of the HipRockSoul band “Guitars N Bandanaz”. The triple threat international DJ has already given a few Top DJ’s a Run for the Money. DJ Fadelf is also the CEO of Luxe Sound Entertainment .  It’s not just spinning a record but controlling the atmosphere, knowing that there’s more to an event than just playing music, says Fadelf.

Moving to Atlanta definitely was a smart move! It’s seems to be the land of opportunity and growth for many creative people of he Arts. Welcome!

source FreddyO

photo credit RedCarpetSlaveFotos

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