Jose Canseco Being Investigated on Allegations of Rape! No Charges Filed -YET

jose-investigatedJose Canseco took a polygraph test this afternoon in Texas and claims he passed with flying colors … which he feels proves he is innocent of the rape charges against him.The baseball legend was accused of rape earlier this week in Las Vegas by a woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by the 48-year-old former slugger back on May 10. Canseco underwent the polygraph exam today in an effort to clear his name and did admit to TMZ that he had sex with the woman, but claims it was consensual.

Former star slugger Jose Canseco is being investigated by police after a woman accused him of sexual assault.Baseball’s confessed steroid cheat broke the story himself Wednesday — tweeting about it, and even including his accuser’s name and workplace.

Canseco, 48, who smacked 462 home runs in his career and blew the lid off baseball’s steroid culture with his 2005 tell-all “Juiced,” tweeted that he was “charged with rape.” He said Las Vegas cops had been to his home.

The bulked-up batter was only partly correct.

Las Vegas Police Officer Bill Cassell confirmed to the Daily News that Canseco was being investigated. “No charges have been filed,” Cassell added. “It would be inappropriate to discuss details of an ongoing investigation.”

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As TMZ first reported, a Canseco fan snapped a pic of Jose with the accuser on the same night she accused of him rape. In the photo, the two appear very friendly.

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