Erica Dixon Reveals Why She Kept Her Daughter From Momma Dee for 2yrs and The DJ A-One Gives the WhoreHer Award to DJ Baby Drew #LHHATL

Nikki-Kandi-AONE-ErickaKandi Koated Nights was very interesting when Erica Dixon and her mom Mignon decided to come on the following week after Momma Dee and Shay Johnson told their side of the story.  Erica reveals why she kept her and Scrappy’s daughter away from Momma Dee for the 1st two years of her life. What people don’t know about Momma Dee and her trickery ways and play on words. Erica revealed she and Scrappy never had an agreement about child support removal as a contingency of her filming Love and Hip Hop. She said “Where is the paperwork Scrappy? Where are the letters Momma Dee?? Who to believe?

Tell us who you believe once watching the Video

DJ A One’s Choice drink of the night was Dussee Cognac.
Dussee on Deck
Dusee Cognac close by
Erica Dixon (nice dress)

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