3 Pieces of Advice From Mary Jane

being-mary-jane-deskOn the surface, Mary Jane Paul seems to have it all together, but everyone can use some helpful hints.

When we spoke with Stephen Bishop , he couldn’t say enough great things about Being Mary Jane. He plays Mary Jane’s ex that might still be in love with her. If you care about someone, it’s hard to see them making mistakes no matter how big or small. Keeping that in mind, Stephen has three pieces of advice for Mary Jane that might help other girls too!

1. Know your schedule

Between her work, her love and her family, Mary Jane has very little free time. That doesn’t give her much opportunity to just get quiet and focus on herself. Stephen thinks this is a huge mistake.

“I think Mary Jane needs to understand that spreading herself too thin can be a detriment to her personally,” Stephen told S2S.

2. Know your worth

Simply put, Mary Jane has got it going on! She’s smart, she’s successful, she’s sexy. What more could a girl ask to be?! Somehow, Mary Jane, loses sight of all her great qualities because she’s single. Stephen believes it would be good for her to remember the things she has going for her.

“Mary Jane needs to know that she is a spectacular example of woman” Stephen said. “She should continue down that path and continue to letting people look up to her.”

3. Know your circle

Truth be told, if Mary Jane really wanted a man, she could probably get back with Stephen’s character David–a very successful man in his own right. But even if Mary Jane chooses not to find new love with a ma from her past, she still has a strong supporter in David.

“She should know that David Paulk absolutely loves her and will always be there for her,” Stephen said. “She should know that that’s in her corner.”

Story Courtesy of Sister to Sister Magazine 

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